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Yes, it’s a teachable moment, but what’s the lesson?

So today I got called on the carpet for something that happened yesterday morning. It was my class’s day to work at our sister school for our vocational work site experience. It’s a fairly big prod… Source: Yes, it’s a … Continue reading

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David Fried Oppenheim: Too Many ‘Yeah, buts’

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who used the phrase “no yeah, buts.” He said it so quickly, it sounded like yabbutz. And “too many yeah, buts” is what comes to my mind about the testimony … Continue reading

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setting boundaries with a roomie

OK, so I’m feeling just the teensiest bit exploited right now (mind you, I’m very sensitive to these things) My landlady of less than one week is displaying some behaviours I am going to have to deal with, sooner or … Continue reading

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oil companies: Obama never said don’t pay them for six months

Court Blocks Obama Ban on Deep Water Drilling OK, so this is in response to the bruhaha about the smackdown ruling (and it was all that) by federal judge Martin Feldman today. The ruling says, in essence, that the perceived … Continue reading

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South Hadley fails again

sh-anti-bully-report-0610 Questions about the task force and policy: 1. why did SH feel they needed to reinvent the wheel? Why couldn’t they just research policies in place elsewhere and tailor them to SH? Didn’t Barbara Colorosso have a template thy … Continue reading

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